The dawning of a new age has brought changes. The Great White Buffalo has grown in to the mighty Black Buffalo.



2.22.12 – Experimental DUB

Growing as a musician is one of a few constant thoughts I have. Recently I’ve been experimenting with a couple different  programs on my computer and a MIDI keyboard. I’ll upload a few more as they come.

My plan down the road is to incorporate some live drums and hopefully some more musicians. Or perhaps I’ll become bored next week.



This collection of tunes was recorded over the winter of 2009-2010. I finished up  working on it while I was in California over the summer of 2010. This is one of only two or three projects that I’ve laid vocals down on. It also contains some pretty rare mouth harp tracks.

None the less, this is the debut for  the full Sonic Gypsies recording session. Stay loud.

I. Calculation- Evolution

II. Brainwash and Conquer

III. The Island

IV. When the Light Reaches You

10.27.11 Grand Electric Skull

The past few weeks I’ve been working on this project (up until today it still was unnamed). “Grand Electric Skull” was recorded in a few different sessions. Session A was done over time a studio while Session B was done as a live set. Two completely different recording styles yield completely different sounds. Hope you enjoy.

Session A – Side A

I. Grand Electric Skull

Session B – Side B

I. Life and Death


III. Perception

IV. Last Breath

FOR A LIMITED TIME – download the entire project for FREE!

TELL YOUR FRIENDS – http://www.4shared.com/file/pVryViI-/GREAT_WHITE_BUFFALO_-_GRAND_EL.html

10.22.11 Avarice

 After many trials and tribulations here is “avarice”.

The visual portion of this piece was brought to life by: Tucker Lander, Chris Tranten and Hunter Lander. The audio was recorded over the course of a couple weeks and was arranged and preformed by Chris Tranten and Phelan Barry.